I’m excited for you to know about why I became a distributor for SeneGence! If you didn’t know about their flagship product “LipSense” before, it’s Christina Aguilera’s go to lipstick when she sings so it won’t get on the mic! 🎤

Yes it’s true that there is nothing that can match the magic staying power of LipSense! Truly waterproof, kiss proof, smudge proof and stays put up to 18 hours! 😮  You can see in this video below how Christina Aguilera won’t leave home without it! 

Since SeneGence and the product of LipSense has been around since 1999 (but only 6 colors back then),  I feel like it’s a BEST kept secret!!!! HAYYYY!! 😡

If you wanted to know about the ingredients in LipSense and the science behind how it works, scroll down on this page and you’ll see all the info from the company website.

SeneGence has a whole line of smudge proof, budge proof, waterproof makeup and an AMAZING skin care line that is the Fountain of YOUTH I tell you! 

Just in the last year or so, ladies are really beginning to spread the news,  the company is starting to BOOM.  It’s still at a ground level but those that are joining in - are going to reap the most benefits because of the stage that we are in. 😄🙌🏽  Here is a map to show you how this is truly a ground floor opportunity! Less than 1% of the  female population in each state are distributors!


So to sign up as a distributor - you would pay an $55 annual fee that is similar to a Costco membership. It gives you access to the discounts of 20-50% off depending on how much product you order. (Buying at wholesale prices.) 

There is no monthly minimum, no monthly quota, no autoship. The only requirement to stay “active” is you have to buy 100PV (which is the same as $200 retail value) over a 6 month period - which is nothing!!   PV means “point value” which is just a standard of measurement for the product since every country has its own currency. So for us, in the U.S.  - PV is half of the retail value. So if a LipSense color costs $25 retail - then its PV would be 12.5, and if a gloss costs $20 retail then its pv would be 10.

The way the discount structure works is outlined below but be aware of the FABULOUS 50% discount in your first 90 days if you sign up!! (This applies to single 300 PV orders.) 

This is called the JUMPSTART special, and aside from those first 90 days, the graphic below shows how the regular discount structure works. (When you reach a certain level either singularly or cumulatively, you are at that discount level for the rest of that calendar month.)

An order that hits 300 PV will be 40% off and then any order after that will continue to be 40% off in that same calendar month. Same thing if you hit 750PV singularly or cumulatively in any calendar month, then every order after that (no matter how small the order) will automatically be 50% off.  

Another AWESOME thing is the FAST START program which is available to you in your first 90 days which allows you to earn up to $1200 in FREE products! 😮

Lots of ladies sign up just for the personal discounts because they want the AMAZING makeup and skin care all for themselves! (You can just look at it like a makeup membership!) You could also choose to share with friends and family and stand to earn some $$ as you enjoy the products!  😄 


What convinced me is that first of all, there is NO pressure to sell!  But then I saw the potential of this golden opportunity if I chose to share it. I saw these examples of moms that seemed to be just as busy as me. Moms of multiple kids but yet earning double and triple a MONTH what they would make at a regular job working outside of the home. I wanted to be able to work from home on my own schedule and earn $$ like they do!!


After 8 weeks of sharing the joy, I earned the free car which is like… ok wow. 😮🚙 I just wanted waterproof lipstick at first and ended up with a Honda Pilot haha. 😆💄This photo is of other ladies on our team who have earned their car allowances as well. 

Now after 16 months in, the hundreds of ladies who have joined our team have hit a collective group sales volume of $8 million. 😱😱😱 

We have many ladies on our team that have tried other direct sales companies and have NEVER seen anything move as fast and been so rewarding in such a short amount of time. Some, because of their hustle,  have earned FREE trips to Cabo, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Disney World! 🏝 Some on our team have even been able to quit their day jobs or retire their husbands from the corporate world! 😮 

SeneGence has been a such a God given blessing to countless on our team, and I want that to extend to you as well… 💙💙


Also a very thorough explanation of where this company is headed is in this video which is VERY much worth your time. Maybe watch when folding clothes, or cooking. 😄 Shows you WHY this is an insanely good time to jump in now. It’s like NUTS. This is a MUST WATCH video!!!

Best quote: “In the momentum phase, the company will experience massive, explosive growth at a very rapid rate. In this phase, the MOST MILLIONAIRES WILL BE BORN, and SUCCESS IS ABUNDANT for the masses of the company.” 

We are in MOMENTUM NOW. 😮 You want you to join us NOW and really there is no begging. It’s more of a warning. This train is leaving the station FAST, and I want everyone to board before they are left behind. 

If you have reviewed everything on this page, it should be enough info to help you decide whether or not to sign up. If your brain is not exploding right now, and you can absorb even more details, here is the complete compensation plan and details of how you earn money with SeneGence.

If you want to go ahead, you can proceed with SIGNING UP here.