This page is something you will probably study time and time again since there are a lot of numbers to keep in mind. If for now, you want to go ahead and sign up now, you go here to do so.

Ways to earn income! 💰1) Retail sales profit  2) Commission income (building your team)

Of course the way to max out on your retail sales profit is to buy your product at the 50% discount. Your cart will show you what % discount you are getting which is based on how much you are buying at wholesale.


Of course when you sell your product, then you not only make back the $$ you spent, but you collect profit based on the discount tier that you bought at!

Above is a simple video and breakdown of the commission part. Then linked below that is the COMPLETE Distributor Compensation Plan and FAQs so you can review it in more detail. If you want a more thorough explanation,Vice President -Leslie Boyd Bradley gives a thorough explanation of the company and how we earn in this video.  


Fabulous easy breakdown.

There are two ways to earn commission.

1st line 10% from first $100. ($10)
2nd line 20% from first $100. ($20)
3rd line 30% from first $100. ($30)
4th line 5% from first $100. ($5)
5th line 5% from first $100. ($5)

Group Sales Volume BONUS
{This is the BIG MONEY GIRLS}

Once you have 5 people order a min of 300PV in the same month on your first line then the bonus kicks in and rolls to second line at which point if there are five people ordering in the same month a min of 300Pv then you earn 6% on their total purchase that month minus the first $100 that we took off already for downline commission. Then the Bonus rolls to third line and fourth line etc as long as there are 5 people on a line then you will receive the bonus for the remaining total purchased after the first $100 we already took off…

1st line 10% always
2nd line 6% if five or more
3rd line 4% if five or more
4th line 3% if five or more
5th line 2% if five or more
These amounts add up QUICK to be huge amounts as your team grows!!

Here also is a link to the full compensation plan document from SeneGence.