OK!! 😄🙌🏽 I’m assuming you have read all the info from the “Potential Distributors” page,  and now you are ready to sign up!!  You can follow along these steps with your sponsor and review the wonderful kit options you can get!


Follow these steps to sign up:

  • If you’re on your smart phone, stop ✋🏼 and go to a computer to sign up. 😉 It will be a lot easier and faster for you to do so, AND you can read these instructions from a different browser window while you sign up.
  • Go to: and click on “Become a Distributor” on the bottom left. Then on the next screen, scroll down until you see that blue link that says “Click here to sign up now”. 
  • Pick your country. (Currently we can only sign up distributors in the U.S., Canada, Australia. If you are in the U.K. ask your sponsor for those details.)
  • Ask for your sponsor’s Distributor ID number and enter it in the appropriate space.
  • Select “Individual Account"and not a business account unless you have a registered business with your state and you have a Federal Tax ID for that business.
  • When you click “Continue”, your Sponsor’s name will pop up and it will ask you to confirm yes or no if they are listing the correct sponsor. Make sure this is correct, because if you don’t - you will end up on the wrong team and SeneGence will not change sponsors for any reason‼️
  • Continue to fill out your personal information. Do NOT list a “Fictitious Business Name” if that name is NOT registered with your state. SeneGence will write out commission checks in that business name so AGAIN, unless you have a registered business with your state and a business bank account IN that name - do NOT enter a Fictitious Business Name or D.B.A.
  • Then it will say “Sign Up Options” on that page. New Distributor Kit (NDK) / Application Fee.  This kit is a Welcome Box of manuals, beauty book, the CEO’s book, and DVD etc. but no product is included. It will cost you $55 plus tax and shipping. The $55 is that annual fee similar to a Costco membership I told you about - which gives you access to the discounts. (20%-50% discounts depending on how much you order.) (Remember for the month of May 2018 we get the $55 back in retail credit!)
  • But of course they will only send you the Welcome box this first time which is why there is the additional tax and shipping. (Hawaii and Alaska residents, SeneGence only sends FedEx Express to you, so there will be a $18 shipping charge (plus $4.50 handling) on this Welcome box! This is why our Hawaii/Alaska team members maximize and bulk up their product orders to take full advantage of each shipping charge.)
  • Review these optional Kits with your sponsor and set yourself up for success!!
New Distributor Kit Options.jpg


  • The rest of the sign up form is self explanatory - so once you finish it, you are all signed up‼️ Now all you have to do is:
  • Let your sponsor know that you have completed the sign up process and she will add you to the different Facebook distributor groups where we share tips, tricks, and photos. 
  • Start with this step by step guide  to help you get all set up and running with your new business!!  (Sponsor will give you the password.) CONGRATS and WELCOME to our team!!😄👏🏽🎉🎉🎉🎉